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5th graders experience Middle School life at OTA

Posted Date: 1/26/24 (8:01 PM)

Hello 5th grade parents!
I know this is the email many of you have been dreading.  I'm so sorry!  We are starting to talk about middle school and getting ready for 6th grade!  It's an exciting time for us, as our current middle schoolers have some events planned to help the fifth graders learn about the OTA Middle School experience, but I know it is a big adjustment for families.  I am here to help!
First:  each 5th grader will participate in a taste of one PAWS class next week, Jan. 31, with middle school buddies.  PAWS classes are a very important component of the culture at OTA Middle.  It means a "pause" in our middle school week to do the things we enjoy and they happen every Wednesday.  Think of them as clubs, or as elective classes.  Students signed up to participate in: Student Council with Ms. Miles-Kingrey, School Crashers (Think the TV show Lawn Crashers -- they're really our beautification/community service club) with Ms. Dummer, or Competitive Sports with Ms. Cruise.  They'll get to see what the class is like and then... 

Second: we'll head back to their classroom for a Q & A session with a few of our current middle school students.  Feel free to prepare questions with your student! 

Third: I want to host an Informational Night for JUST current OTA 5th grade families, to tailor your experience, and help guide your family in making an educated decision about which middle school is right for your child.  We offer something very different than Cedar Ridge, Boring, and Welches, and want to be sure you know what we're all about :)  To that end, I reserved right after school from 3-4pm on Monday, Feb. 12th for us to meet on the middle school side and go through some slides with information.  There will definitely be time for questions.  No need to RSVP, just put it on your calendar! 

Then, Confirmation of Continued Enrollment forms will be emailed out on Feb. 20th.  We already have seven incoming 6th graders in our lottery (!!), so if you want to secure your child's seat for OTA Middle, you will get first dibs using that form.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you on Feb. 12th!
Take care,
Emily Hafer