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8th graders to go see the SHS Spring Musical tomorrow!

Posted Date: 4/17/24 (10:34 AM)

We are excited to let you know that the 8th graders will get to go see Sandy High School's Spring Musical, "The Lightning Thief" tomorrow morning.  Two OTA alumni are prominently in the production: Sidra Cohen-Mallon, who plays the main character, Percy Jackson, and Estela Grabiel, who plays Mrs. Dodds.  As the 8th graders will soon be OTA alumni, it's important they get to see the success of other OTA alumni at the high school level 💗 Students will be back in time for lunch :) 

Percy (11th grader Sidra Cohen-Mallon) holds a sword as Mrs. Dodds (10th grader Estela Grabiel) looks on.